General Guidelines for posting on the site when we aren’t conducting a datathon.


Our website is a platform that collects content on topic regarding the data science, machine learning, statistics, mathematics, quantitative science,  science  and adjacent domains. Multiple article can be published. The articles are in English to make it international. If you aren’t using it for commercial purposes posting if free.

Here are the rules for posting:

  • Username. Registration with unique username is needed if you want to be the author. There could be other coauthors they need to be also registered with unique usernames.
  • Our consent. You don’t need to contact us to post on the website. The article will be made into draft status, so only the admins and the authors, could view it and edit it. We will check the article and if it follows the guidelines will will post it. The new articles are reviewed once per week.
  • Article content. The article needs to be at least 1 page long. There needs to be an introduction and/ or abstract, the main body of the article and a summary. The author could include pictures, videos, code, links or other media.  It should be unique, if there is the same article on our website or an article with minimum differences, it will be deleted. Please check the articles already posted.
  • Pictures. Include them in the article one must be the leading picture displayed.
  • Videos.  When you write an article you can include videos or audio that can be published at our YouTube channel.
  • Tags. The author should specify 1 or more tags and categorize the article.
  • Social Networks. The authors can contact us, if they wish us to share their article on the social networks (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter) . We will review if it is to be posted.
  • Commercial. If the author wants to put a link or another item to a business, company or an enterprise, they will need to pay a fee 50 USD fee. The author can contact us to arrange the payment.
  • Sharing. The article can be freely share every the author or another person wants.
  • Miscellaneous. If the author has a question regarding the article, he/she needs to contact us, the point can be included in the guidelines.

We appreciate good content and we welcome you to be active and publish.

Link insertions.

Links with a suitable anchor text or a paragraph written can be inserted in article that have been written by other authors. This service is paid and is 75 $.  It will be preferable to us that you write a separate article then to try to modify the already existing ones.

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