FIX API Is The Best Automated Trading Platform of 2019


Nowadays, the word automated trading has become very common and, on the other hand, very popular. It seems that traders and investors are now fully engaging in automated trading.

Frankly, automated trading also entails a variety of risks because it is a technology that sometimes fails or is damaged.

The best automated platforms also have the same problems. So, if you want to use an automated trading platform, you will have to take some risks because it can cost you all the money you have invested.

As a result, I used many automated trading platforms. Some of them were good, but the FIX API Trading platform of SGT Markets was pretty amazing. It is a very intelligent and innovative robot trading platform.

There are several reasons why I consider it one of the best automated trading platforms-

SGT Market’s suite of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) provides automated forex, precious metals and difference contracts (CFDs) trading with products, indices and bonds.

With a deposit of US $ 5,000, SGT Markets offers you the opportunity to open a FIX API account, which is generally aimed at institutional and high volume clients seeking direct access at extremely low prices to the primary liquidity of the market.
FIX API customers build on SGT Markets’ existing technology and liquidity relationships to create a unique counterparty, price and commission based on volume.

SGT Markets will provide API FIX accounts only to customers who have already sent the funds (the required minimum deposit is 5,000) and have already completed the usual verification steps.


SGT Markets combines the prices of multiple sources of bank and non-bank money, which means you will always get the best price available on the market. This, combined with the market’s leading spreads, improves the quality of execution.


You can monitor positions, balances and margins in real time, perform position reconciliations and view transaction volumes over a period of time. Financial statements and transaction summaries are sent daily to clients for trade and cash reconciliations.


Customized liquidity for active traders in an ultra low latency trading environment.

– SGT Markets’ FIX API liquidity solutions enable customers to achieve their goals.
– Access to cost-effective engine technology at a competitive compensation cost.
– All styles of trading are welcome: HFT, News, other toxic strategies.

Finally, automated trading is not completely risk free. So, negotiate or invest at your own risk.


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