Hack-News case details intro & Q&A – Online meetup

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🎉 Hack The News Datathon – #HackNews 🎉 – is approaching and our next Data Science Meetup will be online.
It’s focused on the #NLP and #TextMining as a way to tackle the problem with the propaganda and manipulation in the news!
Learn more: http://bit.ly/2GSKuow

✔️People who are behind this cause since the beginning will present the challenges which they have prepared for you so you could ask your questions and get a better idea of what to expect during the competition.

✔️Everything you are interested to know about the #Datathon will be discussed online.

– Streaming link: https://youtu.be/FRVKbwOW_4o
– You can ask questions in advance via https://www.sli.do/ with #DSS
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✔️Register for the incoming Datathon from here.

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Bookings are closed for this event.