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Ensure Reader’s Delight in Your Product with Professional eBook Conversion Services


Books have been the guiding light and treasure chests of knowledge for humans since times immemorial. They have elevated civilization to new heights by educating one generation after another. While the earliest ones were manuscripts and handicrafts, the invention of printing machines made books more accessible. The digital revolution further took this transformation a step ahead with the introduction of electronic books, or eBooks, as we call them. 

eBooks are adding a whole new dimension to reading and it has not been long since they took over paperback books. They offer a bunch of benefits to the readers. You are no longer bound to stare at those static images and text-heavy pages making reading a boring activity (for some of us).

During the pandemic-induced lockdowns, it wasn’t possible for the authors and publishers to make their paper books available for the readers; eBook publishing, therefore, came as a boon to reaching the audience in intriguing ways. Its anytime, anywhere accessibility feature helped the readers, old and young, alike.


Transformational Tide of eBooks

We certainly agree with the fact that there are people who still love the smell of fresh pages and the pleasure they feel while running their fingers through pages and turning them over. However, you cannot consider this as the sole motivation to disregard the paradigm shift to eBooks. You’ll miss out on tremendous opportunities—a whopping 13.3% CAGR (US) that eBooks sales are witnessing.

Especially after the unprecedented pandemic, reading eBooks became the preferred activity for many people, in both professional and leisure contexts. Students taking online classes relied on distributed eBooks while studying at home. These eBooks played a major role in keeping the classes, exams, and homework go on relentlessly—in short, eLearning wasn’t disrupted.

Professionals working from remote locations also benefited from eBooks in their routines. Digital versions of the important work documents did a better job as compared to handing out print copies in person. Businesses could push through a tough economic period as the right content reaches the right people at the right time.

The organic growth of eBooks accelerated significantly owing to the change in consumption behavior of the readers, thanks to the lockdowns. The uptake of gadgets such as eReaders, tablets, smartphones, etc., added to this surge since more people could access them and shall be doing so over the coming years. Besides, the readers can directly access their favorite authors’ works instantly!

So, the sooner you switch to selling eBooks, the more you gain from the digital transformation that is slowly taking over the publishing industry. Professional eBook consulting can help you sail through the tides easily as well as maintain a competitive edge over your peers.


How do eBook Conversion Services help you?

Know that a great eBook is not the only one with great content, but how well it is presented to the readers!

Transforming traditional paper books to eBooks is a significant undertaking. The latter one contains several multimedia elements like graphics, images, animations, quizzes, assessments, etc., not just to entertain the audiences, but also to keep them glued to the ebook.

Putting it simply, the dynamic eBook content enraptures and entertains the reader while increasing their attention and retention. The possibilities are endless wherein leveraging specialized eBook design services helps you develop or transform old books into their new digital avatars.

Here’s a list of pointers that outline why outsourcing eBook conversion services must be a prudent choice for publishers:


  •       Error-Free Content

No one wants their eBooks to have spelling mistakes, grammatical, or punctuation errors, isn’t it? Nevertheless, proofreading eBooks without any expert help is a tedious job that may lead to loopholes. This is where outsourced eBook formatting & designing services relieve you. Their team of QA experts helps you identify errors and make the content error-free via thorough proofreading.


  •       Custom Designing

Engaging in eBook design services is the ‘best’ thing to do if you are looking to create a custom-designed product. It is ‘best’ because you can experiment with the designing part and ensure the readers’ delight and confidence in a whole new way. The professionals add multimedia-rich content, read-aloud features, and do a lot more to keep your audience glued!


  •       Aesthetically Pleasing Covers

The cover is the first thing readers notice, be it the paper book or eBook. And if you plan to publish and monetize your eBook on platforms such as Kindle, creating an enticing cover is necessary. Even though there are different tools and software to create ebook covers, consulting eBook design experts help you get the best covers that grab readers’ attention and persuade them to download the same.


  •       Unique Layouts

Readers today expect new ways to read and learn—perhaps, there is no better way than eBooks for this! The professional providers add interactivities, animations, images, videos, annotations, footnotes, quizzes, assessments, and so on to your eBook. Thus, the reader doesn’t get bored and sticks to your product. Apart from this, the experts also look after line spacing, paragraph formatting, white spacing, and numerous other aspects of eBook formatting that can’t be ignored.

Also, if you want to convert PDF to ePub or any other formats, the professionals take care of it all. They offer flexible conversion solutions to help you digitize your existing title seamlessly and ace your peers.


Final Words

By now, it is clear that you cannot go wrong by outsourcing eBook conversion services and eBook design services. It gets you into the expanding eBook market faster while keeping the expenditures low and appeals high. Thus, the right service provider is all you need to foray into the digital book world and achieve heights.

Collaborating with an experienced conversion services provider like Damco will prove to be a great asset for your company, given their skills and expertise. The professionals focus on extensive quality checks and create aesthetically pleasing eBooks that help you cut through the competition easily.


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