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Data visualization

It is estimated that 2/3 of the neurons in the brain may be involved in visual processing. Good visualization provides a special strategy to show possible connections, relationships, etc. they are not so evident in non-visualized quantitative knowledge. Visualization can be a method of exploring knowledge. The first documented data visualization could date back to 1160 BC. C. with the Turin Papyrus Map, which accurately illustrates the distribution of geological resources and provides details on the exploitation of these sources.

The physical artifacts corresponding to the Mesopotamian clay tiles (5500 BC), the Inca quipus maps (2600 BC), and the Marshall Islands (n.d.) can be considered quantitative information. “Milestones in the history of thematic mapping, statistical mapping and data visualization” Filed in the Wayback machine. defined that information screen clients perform explicit analytical tasks, such as comparisons. The data graph design precept should aid the analytical task. entirely different graphic parts accomplish this more or less effectively.

Knowledge of human perception and cognition is necessary when designing intuitive visualizations. Cognition refers to processes in humans such as perception, attention, learning, memory, thinking, idea formation, reading, and problem correction. Human visible processing is effective in detecting changes and making comparisons between portions, sizes, shapes, and variations in lightness. When symbolic data properties are mapped to visual properties, people can efficiently navigate large amounts of data.

For example, dot charts and bar charts outperform pie charts. Data visualization is closely associated with information graphics, data visualization, scientific visualization, exploratory data analysis, and statistical graphs. In the new millennium, data visualization has become an energetic space for analysis, education, and development. According to Post. united the scientific visualization and the visualization of knowledge.

Contrary to popular belief, the visualization of knowledge is not a modern growth. Stellar data or similar information  at location Las Stars have been visualized in cave partitions (such as those found  in southern France) since the Pleistocene period.

It makes complex information more accessible, understandable, and usable. Tables are generally used where users will search for a Best  Data Science Courses in Bangalore measure, while graphs of different types are used to show patterns or relationships in the data for a number of variables.

The objective is to communicate information clearly and effectively to customers. It is one of the stages of information analysis or information science. To speak about information clearly and effectively, information visualization uses statistical graphs, charts, information graphs, and various instruments. Digital data can be encoded using dots, distortions, or bars to visually express a quantitative message. Effective visualization helps users analyze and reason with data and evidence.

The earliest documented types of data visualization were several completely different culture thematic maps and ideograms and hieroglyphs that offered and allowed the interpretation of the illustrated information. For example, Linear B tablets from Mycenae provided a visualization of information about late Bronze Age crafts in the Mediterranean. one hundred and sixty-five] in Alexandria would function as landmarks until the fourteenth century. There is no complete “historical past” of information display. For more information visit Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore

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