Data science the new derivative of technology


Data Science is now coming as a new emergence in the field of technology. It is changing the traditional technology that is being used today. In the field of data science, certain analysis is being done where the input is the raw unstructured data and the output is the build with the help of some algorithmic building technique and problems. But the question that strikes in everyone’s mind is, why data science is in such hype these days and why it is becoming a new era of technology. To answer this one has to dig deep into the core and emergence of this field.


There is always a need of developing new technology, to fulfil certain needs of the customer. And data science is stepping towards a new technology, which is fully based on the customer ease. Some common examples of data science are Gmail’s spam filter system, which originated by applying some areas of data science in the real world. Some data is fetched from the data warehouse and is then used for data manipulation and product analysis. Another very common example is Amazon’s recommendation of certain products according to the customer behavior on the site. These technologies have emerged because there was a need to provide a product that customer was looking for and finding or creating it for them.

Areas of data science

Data science is a parent of various other technologies that are being used. These areas of technology deal with different aspects for providing that customer-product relationship. Machine Learning which is a part of data science, deals with creating and predicting results out of the pool of structured data. Another essential part of data science is Artificial intelligence. AI deals with creating technology that mimics human behavior. Data science is also being used in business, and Al is helping in this field also. With the use of AI, companies are providing products that the customers were looking for.  

Jobs in Data science 

Data science has created numerous amount of jobs and as fast as this field is growing, new vacant positions in this area are growing. Companies are eager to hire data scientist to grow their business and launching new products. Data science offers positions like data analyzer, AI manager etc. One can choose their area of interest and apply in these positions.

Learning data science 

As it has been already mentioned that data science comprises of various other fields and every field has different skills requirement. But the common skills that one must have before entering into any of these fields are Analysis, Statistics and basics of programming. These skills are the must have in data science because they are used in every field of data science. Having some hands-on knowledge of statistics is required because data science basically deals with raw data and its analysis and it is must in every field. Also, having a good programming knowledge will give you some certain advantage. In data science programming languages like R and Python are preferred. Also, one should have good practice in algorithm development. 

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