Data Science Latest Innovations, March 2019

data science conference 2019

On the 14th of March, the  Data Conference 2019 was held in Athens with the participation of local and international lectors who introduced the topics of Machine & Deep Learning and Data Science in Business Environment.

Sergi Sergiev, the founder of Data Science Society was also invited to present the topic about open-innovation and open-source culture, more specifically how it stimulates the rapid development of Data Science areas and how businesses can benefit from that.

Innovations in Data Science

Sergi explained more about Generative Adversarial Networks with an example from NVIDIA (you can check the paper and GitHub to access the code which is included in the presentation below). Apart from image recognition, Sergi covered the topic of DeepFake and the robotics area, including OpenAI recent development and GitHub projects about autonomous cars. 

It’s astonishing how much can media change in the near future! For example, text generation is becoming more popular with OpenAI and its GPT2. Data Science Society made also an impact on the mission of news without propaganda. In January 2019, together with QCRI and A Data Pro, the Society organized a Data Science Hackathon – Hack the News Datathon about fighting against manipulative news. The NLP case and all developed results are publicly available with the opportunity of further improvement through a specially developed leaderboard measuring the accuracy of the models.

There are many cases that could be revolutionized through Data Science and some examples are supported by two cases from the Society’s previous Datathon cases including Kaufland case for object detection and Telenor case for SNA analysis.

Data Conference Presentations

Julien Simon (AI & Machine Learning Amazon Web Services)

Tarry Singh (Founder & CEO, deepkapha.ai)

  • Leading in the new AI Economy
  • Practical applications and use cases
  • Presentation @ http://bit.ly/2CMl4En

Saša Radovanović (Data Science & CLM Team Leader, B2B at Telenor)

Christoforos Anagnostopoulos (Head Of Research, Improbable)

  • Power of Labeled Data and Deep Learning
  • Use Case of Machine Learning in Security
  • Presentation @ http://bit.ly/2WAXsu6

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