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It can be safe to consider that we live in an era where Data Science is deemed to be a mere buzz and is reduced to a fad or trend. However, this is not the case taking into account the evolution of technology and online services. Estimating the overwhelming amount that is exchanged, shared, downloaded as well as uploaded on the internet, data will still be relevant in the coming years or so.

Without regard to the type of industry or business, ‘data’ is one such word that everyone has come across in some time of their lives. But why is everyone suddenly interested in the analytics and insights that come about because of this data? The answer is simple, data is omnipresent – it can be encountered constantly. Even something as meager as a figure or alphabet that we may encounter counts as an input of data. 

Personal Demographics

Advertisement recommendations directed to your feed are an excellent example of how this data that we input, may it be in our search engines or elsewhere counts. It counts as information for the companies or markets, and in turn, this information helps them to figure out our personal needs and wants. The rest of the process involves the creation of products designed keeping in mind the needs of the customers/audience. Recommendations that we have in our accounts or emails and messages are also the result of this data collection.

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Thus, data plays a major role/factor in business, marketing or companies. The data involved in business and computing, however, is a machine-readable set against human-readable. This data can also be termed as personal data, as it covers the customer’s personal demographics, this is inclusive of their email address, and their location. 

Transactional Demographics

Similar to your personal demographics/data, transactional type of data holds quite an importance in the run of a business. This data is then made use of by the companies for the optimization of their operations, thus resulting in high-quality results and gives competitive advantages and business benefits to the company/business. Increased revenue and productive marketing have been observed by the examination of this data. When you purchase something or click on a link that leads you to a website or a video, you are giving away transactional data.

Web or online data

Every minute numerous amount of data is transported, input, downloaded, uploaded, and shared in the form of audio, video, images, and photos, or GIFs. This tremendous amount of data also proves to be one of the most crucial for businesses and companies. Through online data, they can gain access to the information all over. This kind of data or information is needed for making decisions on an extended level as it has not been processed by themselves, and helps in knowing the opinions of the majority of the audience. The analytics performed on web data are:

  • Funnel analytics. 
  • On-site engagement analytics. 
  • Customer analytics. 
  • Lifecycle analytics. 
  • Marketing analytics.

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