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Data Science Course in San Jose

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What Data is Doing?

If you happened to be a non-native English speaker in 2010 or before, and if you tried a voice – search on your phone, it’s most likely that you got different results than what you actually wanted. But now, in 2019, your Smartphone can detect even the human whispering. So… what happened? The answer is: DATA HAPPENED!


Whenever you do anything on the Internet, you leave footprints behind you, a stack of data which is stored, analyzed, and used. And as the amount of data is exploding exponentially, the machines will grow exponentially accurate. 

Who is a Data Scientist?

A mere piece of data can do nothing on its own, and the machines too are pretty much dumb. So, how does this giant data-machine system works? 

This is where Data-Scientists come into the show. A data-scientist collects data from the real world and processes it to the dataset. Using a very complex set of algorithms and patterns, the data is utilized for statistical analysis and modeling, and also for machine-learning prediction. The end result is Data-Driven Productivity.

For instance, to understand human speech patterns, a machine requires a lot of data to understand how to model things like recognizing phoneme in a speech, and also a lot of data to understand people’s behavior. 


What does a data-scientist do?

  1. A data-scientist’s job starts with asking questing and understanding the problem.
  2. Based on the problem, she collects relevant data from various sources and then interprets it. Data can be both structured and unstructured. Sometimes she has to deal with complex scenarios, face poor false data types, and encounter unreadable formats.
  3. She then goes on to modifying and analyzing the data to use it in model development. This is the core activity of data science. Here, machine learning tools like python are applied to identify the model best suited for the problem in hand.
  4. The selected model now needs to be communicated and changed into forms that everyone can understand. Tools like Tableau, Power bi etc. help in making effective reports and dashboards. Deploying refers to testing the model and then applying it in the production-condition. 

 How data-science is changing the world!

When we say data-science has become an integral part of Information Technology, obviously the pictures of tech-giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft etc. come to our minds. From recommending movies on Netflix to updating news feed on Facebook, we can feel data-science everywhere in the digital world.

But even more than that, data-science is also having an impact on far-off fields like Bioinformatics (to analyze genome sequence), Astrophysics (to create an astronomical database), Public Health (to analyze electronic medical records) and even Logistics business (predicting best time and routes for the cargo planes and delivery vehicles).

What’s Next!

The future of data-science is enormous. In the analytics field, it is the best and most exciting job. Glassdor lists data-science on top among the best jobs of the decade.                    

The demand is huge, the perks are high, and there aren’t enough Data-scientists currently, so this is indeed the best time to learn Data-Science from 360DigiTMG, one of the best data science training institutes in San Jose

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