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 Different industries are in need of skilled data scientists and other professionals who perform similar roles. The professions related to data analysis have a high salary, even for those who join at a lower level.

In this article, we will talk about the best top-paying jobs that stand out as the most in-demand tech and data jobs. 


  • data scientist


A data scientist is expected to have sound knowledge of data science. Their job involves collecting and interpreting data by performing various analyses on it. These people are skilled in technologies like R, SQL, SAS and Python, which help them in analyzing, evaluating and sharing the information obtained. The data scientist job is offered by large companies such as Google and Facebook.



  • Business Intelligence Analyst


Business Analysts have deep knowledge of the profession they are in with detailed information about which business process to apply at the time of need. They guide various companies in making decisions using data that they received from market trends and surveys. BIAs highly rely upon the trends. They combine the data to identify new trends and then these results are shared with the stakeholders. Companies that regularly offer jobs in this position are Oracle and Dell. BIAs are expected to make an annual average of approximately 70,000 – 90000 dollars. 



  • Data Engineer


Data Engineers are expected to have a background in software engineering as they handle large datasets. They design and build programs, thereby leading to the creation of large datasets. These datasets are then analyzed by the data scientists, and BIAs then build different use cases from it. A data engineer is also responsible for upgrading the database for faster queries. One can expect the average salary to be around 80,000 dollars. 



  • Database Administrator


Database Administrator sets up the database and then maintains it. They make sure that the database is available to its users and it is kept safe. He is responsible for daily backup and recovery of the system and also keeps track of different technologies that are used. The median salary of a database administrator is around 70,000 dollars. 



  • Database Developer


While a database administrator sets up the database, the database developer is responsible for improving the database. He creates new applications and modifies them in order to work with the database setup. People who love challenges can take up this job as they would be handling raw and unorganized data. The average annual salary for a database developer is around 90,000 dollars.



  • Data Security Administrator


Large amounts of data that are produced need to be safe and secure. This work is done by the data security administrator. These people implement security strategies and ensure that all of the security measures are updated. They also define network security requirements. The annual salary of a data security administrator is around 79,000 dollars. 


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The demand for knowledgeable and professional data scientists is on the rise these days. In order to improve your skillset and to apply for these job opportunities, you need to know what skills you require for the job you’re applying for. You can refer to the best Data Analytics courses to get more information.

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