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DAB PANDA: The A.I. Crypto Trader


7 thoughts on “DAB PANDA: The A.I. Crypto Trader

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    I really like the way you’ve presented results. With RPubs everything is clearly outlined and the reader might follow easily the exhibition of major research steps backed up by the relevant code.
    The data prep is conducted correctly. The applied methodology is appealing from theoretical point of view. The sliding window approach is correctly implemented. Considering the issue with computational efficiency, I might say that application the classical Box-Jenkins approach is a good choice.
    Obviously, if you had two more hours, you would have accomplished in the same brilliant way (just as all previous sections) the last portion of your research including more comments on the accuracy and robustness of delivered forecasts.
    Last, but not least, I would like to emphasize that the text of the article is written in a really nice manner, approaching the reader and dragging with the very first paragraph their attention.
    In conclusion I might say that it is a great job, guys!

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    We specifically require that you upload everything on this website – failing to do so, is going to be fatal for you, no matter that you have done descent job.

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    We had issues with Jupyter Notebook and decided to use RPubs as an alternative. We have now included a zip file with our R Notebooks – at the beginning of the paper. 🙂

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    The plots are not really readable. Good job with the missing data, but upload the code as a notebook file, or html, so it can be read here, otherwise it is not possible for anyone to give you feedback and recommendations.

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      @pepe: As far as I can see, please correct me if I am wrong, there is some problem for the participants working in R to upload in a nice format their work at this website. If this is the case, there should be an opportunity to incorporate links in the main text that allow participants to present their results in the best way.

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