Challenge your Students with Cryptocurrency and Data Science?

The Academia Datathon is happening soon at the end of the month between 27th and 29th of April and we have already more than 20 mentors on board… but for us, the more is always the better!

Therefore we invite all professors and experts in the field of Data Science, Cryptocurrency and Econometrics to join our Academia Datathon as University or Society mentors!

The whole event is a great opportunity for the professors who want to integrate some relevant and practical knowledge into the learning activities of their students and inspire them. And all of us know how important is this nowadays.

There are lots of Benefits for the university professors who join us and some of them are:

  • Real-world case tailored for their students’ level of expertise that can be intergrated into the curriculum as an assignment or a case study and graded accordingly;
  • An opportunity to train students in working together against a tight deadline;
  • A chance to exchange ideas and learn from other professors and students from around the world;
  • A visibility of the University faculty and the expertise in the domain;

Case details

  • The case is financial time-series prediction with cryptocurrencies and it integrates knowledge from various sources – Crypto Currencies, Quantitative Finance, and Machine learning.
  • There are two levels of difficulty. The first level is to make a prediction model of the major cryptocurrencies’ prices with all necessary studies for that purpose. The second level is making an autonomous A.I. decision-maker for trading/investing.
  • The data consists of time-series of various cryptocurrencies with open, high, low, close prices and volumes from different crypto exchanges, but it could also be enriched during the Datathon by the teams.
  • The goal is the students to build a successful investing/trading model on the cryptocurrency markets.

Are you already about to jump in the challenge and to bring your students with you for the exciting Data Science Hackathon?

We hope so and we encourage you to send us an email or directly to join the #mentors_internal channel of the DataChat and to introduce yourself to the whole DSS mentors team! And keep in mind that this is not only a chance to expose your students to an interesting real-world case but also to meet colleagues on an international level and share projects and ideas with them!

We are excited to great you soon in the DataChat! 🙂


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