Do you know Why Forex Trading is growing

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It may come as an unexpected that remote trade isn’t a ‘moderately’ new methods for trading. Cash trading is referenced in Jewish Talmudic composing and just turned out to be progressively formalized in the seventeenth century with the foundation of the first Forex showcase in Amsterdam. The production of this exchange market implied cash trade […]

India courts moral investors with calls for social stock exchange

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According to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, this proposal could provide less expensive funding for social welfare projects. Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman called for the creation of a “social scholarship”, allowing ethical investors to take stakes in social enterprises, volunteer groups and social welfare organizations. This proposal would be a radical experiment in a country […]

Top 5 High Leverage Forex Broker – 2019

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  The Forex market, with a trading volume of $ 5 trillion, is not only the largest investment industry in the world but also the most liquid. Large market size, liquidity and additional facilities such as the availability of high leverage make it the most attractive market for most individuals and institutional investors. Some regulatory […]

Hack News Datathon | Contribute to the Cause against News Propaganda

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The Community Behind the Cause – Data Science Society Data Science Society, a data-driven global community, has a 4-year track of putting data science into good use. Apart from data hackathons with real cases tackling business problems, we are solving social issues with data such as air pollution prediction, identifying manipulation in the news and […]