Career Path of a data science in malaysia

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data sciences perform various roles in an organization such as business architects, enterprise analysts, system analysts, product managers, and requirement managers. They are expected to understand the requirements of the business and propose solutions to them. In order to find solutions to these problems, they must have sound knowledge and experience in system development, strategic planning, process optimization, and policy enforcement. Click here to know more about data science course

Talking specifically in the context of Malaysia, data science must always be ready for multi-tasking, decision-making, and its real-time implications. They act as a bridge between higher management and end-users. Their data-driven insights affect each level starting from product developers to after-sale service providers. Their responsibilities involve the following roles:

  • Improvisation at various levels of the operations to run the business smoothly.
  • Designing new business models or modifying the existing one by using the latest technology.
  • Negotiations with stakeholders and interacting with experts in various fields of business to catch the nerve of the market. 
  • Gathering adequate data, documenting them, and analyzing to understand the needs of the business from time to time.
  • Fast resolving the problems that arise with their technical expertise.
  • Interacting with product designers, system developers, and marketing teams for improving operational efficacy.
  • Testing systems and generating documentations, running pilot-projects and developing user-guides, etc.

Business analytics courses can help graduates in both IT and commerce. Taking a classroom or online course in business analytics will help them hone both technical as well as core personality skills. To be successful data science, one must possess certain skills as an integral part of their personality. These skills should not merely make your resume look more decorated, but must be implemented in your day-to-day activities. Let’s take a glimpse of these skills:

  • Impressive communication skills
  • Leadership quality and motivating others to achieve big in life.
  • Ability to work individually and in a group maintaining coordination with all.
  • Ability to deliver the best results even under pressure.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Passionate about one’s work.
  • Positive attitude and acceptance of changes.
  • Good business understanding and impressive IT knowledge.
  • Critical thinking and Problem – solving approach. 
  • Good analytical skills.


Sensing the need for time, hiring managers are always on a lookout for well–qualified and experienced data sciences, irrespective of the nature, structure, and size of the company. Many companies are paying impressive salaries along with other perks to retain expert data sciences. A few examples of such leading companies in Malaysia are:

  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • IBM
  • Wipro
  • L&T
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte

data sciences are amongst the most sought-after and high salary fetching jobs. data sciences with an excellent blend of analytical skills and technical proficiency can easily get themselves awarded with impressive pay packages and other perks. For example, even a fresher can manage to get 5 to 6 lakh per annum in a reputed company while 3-4 lakh in a start-up. Similarly, a senior data scientist may get 10-12 lakh per annum.


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If you too are blessed with good analytical skills, love playing with technology, can manage multiple individuals, and devise solutions to problems under pressure, you are made for business analytics. Technology nerds of Malaysia now have the opportunity to hone their skills through classroom or data science online courses.

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