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To begin with…

As the name suggests, data science means visualizing data. In technical terms, it is a process of representing data in such a way that even a person who is not familiar with or has learned data science can read and gain information from it. A lot of visual aids like colors, charts, graphs, labels, etc. can be used to create various visual models that make an ordinary person gain and share knowledge or information from it easily even without much knowledge of data science. Click here to know more about data science course

What is Tableau?

A tableau is basically a tool for data science. Hence, it is quite useful when a non-analyst wants to extract and understand useful information from data. It is becoming very popular nowadays due to its wide scope and uses in Business Intelligence, also abbreviated as BI. It is very fast to use and very easy to learn. 

How to download Tableau?

Before downloading Tableau, one must take note of the fact that Tableau has five different products and each product has a different purpose. Hence, one may use the products as desired. The products are:


  • Tableau Desktop


It is used for individual purposes.

  • Tableau Server

It is used while collaborating with different organizations.

  • Tableau Online

It is used in dealing with the cloud.

  • Tableau Reader

By using this, we can read the files that have been stored on the Tableau Desktop.

  • Tableau Public

It is used by people who desire to share large amounts of data online, like journalists.

Usually Tableau Public and Tableau Reader are free to download, install and use, but other products come with a 14 day trial period when the user can test the product and acquire familiarity with it, and if desired, pay for a full subscription of the product. One can download the Tableau software from the Tableau website keeping in mind all the terms and conditions for trial and lifetime use. 

Benefits of Tableau

Tableau renders its users free online and live, and also a classroom, although they are paid ones, training programs. Also, one more great thing about Tableau is that it can connect with all kinds of data sources. For example, text in the form of word files, excel files, or databases up to large data queries also. Using Tableau, we can organize data into various sets, groups, etc. and represent it in the form of charts after applying filters and doing general formatting and forecasting.   

As has been discussed above, there are a lot of advantages to learning Tableau software. For this purpose, there are a lot of Tableau communities online where one can discuss doubts and develop new ideas. There are a lot of blogs also that one can read online and learn a lot of new concepts from those blogs. There are also a lot of social groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where one can enhance one’s skills of the software. Tableau software has indeed revolutionized the world of data science and data science.

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