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Basics of an effective IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure of an organization is essential for its operations and processes. A reliable and secure internet connection is a key component of a successful business infrastructure, as it ensures the protection of critical organizational data.

Cloud services, which include servers, domain controllers, communication networks, and firewalls, are crucial for improving continuity, scalability, and security.

The stability and security of an organization’s IT infrastructure is crucial for protecting its financial and data resources.

          # IT infrastructure components

IT infrastructure consists of IT components and processes adapted to every organization. It consists of hardware, software, and network.

            # Hardware

Hardware is a physical part of an IT infrastructure.

The main components of the IT infrastructure through which each organization operates its processes imply:

  • servers,

  • computers,

  • data centers,

  • switches,

  • routers.

Large organizations have extensive technology systems and facilities such as data centers to store them. When companies choose a managed IT service provider, they can lease the hardware components of infrastructure instead of purchasing them.

               # Software

Software is a crucial element of an organization’s IT infrastructure, comprising all the applications used for internal operations and customer-facing services, including operating systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and other applications.

The software also implies sub-components:

    • Operating system (OS) variants and distributions

    • Third-party apps for employee communication, productivity, testing, security, etc.

    • SaaS apps (desktop-based and web-based) and perpetual license software

    • In-house built software applications, marketplaces, and services

    • Application building, hosting, and production environments like the cloud or containers

    • Software-based utilities such as NGFW, routers, ANC software, connectors, APIs, etc.

            # Network

Network refers to internet connectivity, firewalls, and cyber security, crucial to establishing internal and external communication of all elements and devices.

Networks comprise both hardware and software components and the configurations you set up to control and manage network access for various users. Carrier licenses and partnerships with telecom providers can also be considered the networking aspect of IT infrastructure management.

The sub-components of a network include:

    • Cables for private and public internet connectivity

    • Networking appliances – firewalls, routers, and switches

    • Software components – software-based firewalls, SDN infrastructure, etc.

    • Application interfaces to configure the network

    • Application interfaces to manage access, network security, bandwidth allocation, etc.

    • Web servers to act as a connecting hub for networked IT activities

             # Meatware

Human users, including developers, network administrators, and designers, are also a vital part of an organization’s IT infrastructure, especially in the development of user-centric IT services. These individuals play a crucial role in accessing and utilizing IT devices and services.

          # Traditional IT infrastructure

On-premises infrastructure is owned and managed by a company within its own facilities. It relies on on-site servers and requires physical space, cooling and ventilation systems, security measures, and electrical wiring. It also requires staff to maintain it.

As an organization grows, its IT infrastructure may expand significantly, which can affect costs and revenue when using an on-premises model.

In contrast, cloud infrastructure is more flexible and can easily scale with a company’s growth.

Migrating to the cloud, as the process of moving data and applications from servers located within a company to servers outside of companies, will become a must for any organization that needs a large and secure infrastructure.

As On-premises servers are becoming thing of the past, each organization that cares for its data protection and money flows should consider opting for servers in data centers that are safely stored, backed up, and maintained by security professionals.

          # Cloud IT infrastructure

Cloud allows an organization to rent components such as CPU (central processing unit), disk space, and memory from the physical infrastructure of its IT partners in data centers. With Cloud infrastructure, users do not have to think about their hardware, upgrading it, or buying anything related to the infrastructure. If they need more virtual space, they can request it from their IT partners on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Outsourcing IT processes to an external partner can be a cost-effective solution, as it allows organizations to utilize cloud infrastructure that can be easily monitored and maintained. This means that the organization can avoid the cost of hiring additional internal IT staff.

An IT infrastructure partner can provide a range of services, including hardware installation, software licenses and setup, and network and connection options. They can either set up a company’s IT infrastructure from scratch or migrate it to the cloud and provide robust maintenance, monitoring, backup, and recovery plans. The optimal infrastructure will offer high-performance storage, security, an optimized wide area network (WAN), virtualization, and zero downtime.

A well-designed IT infrastructure can also contribute to a positive customer experience, with smooth access to websites and online stores, rapid development and launch of solutions, real-time data collection for quick decision-making, and improved employee productivity.

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