Data Science and The Gaming Industry

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Companies within the gaming industry play an enormous role in the global community, with the likes of Rockstar, Microsoft, and Sony being extremely influential in the space. With people spending more time playing games, these companies have risen to become masters of the industry. Data science comes into the mix to help gaming giants work […]

Python for Finance

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Over the last couple of years the financial industry has adopted Python as one of the most useful programming languages for analyzing data., building models, conducting simulations, visualizations, making machine learning and deep learning systems to analyse time series and make predictions. It increases the reproductivity of your work and will it for you very […]

Data Visualization with Python.

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It is said that a picture is equal to 1000 words. This article will focus on data visualization with Python and will introduce the most popular data visualization libraries, textbooks, and courses available. Data Visualization is a very important and often overlooked part of the process of asking the right question, getting the required data, […]

40+ open access websites that provide useful resources for everybody!

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This article will not be useful only for data scientists, programmers, mathematicians, statisticians, and other scientists, but also for everybody. This is part of the movement for Open data and Open information. The is an open source as everybody can access the website without any cost or specific login. It is great for everybody to […]

General Terms of Participation for Datathons

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General Terms of Participation for DSS Datathon With your registration, you accept the following conditions: 1. Registration You must register for the Datathon event by using our registration form. We really believe in the cause, therefore the registration is free for online participants and with a token payment for physical participation depending on the local […]

Tiny smart data modelled with a not-so-tiny smart model – the Case of SAP

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Tiny smart data modelled with a not-so-tiny smart model Introduction Metadata Business Understanding Data Understanding Data Preparation Modelling Evaluation Deployment Conclusion Metadata Case: The SAP Case – Analyze Sales Team: Chameleon Project URL: Memebers: Stefan Panev ([email protected]), Metodi Nikolov ([email protected]), Ivan Vrategov ([email protected], Radoslav Dimitrov ([email protected]) Mentors: Alexander Efremov([email protected]) Agamemnon Baltagiannis ([email protected]) Team Toolset: […]

NFT Datathon case

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Intro NFT is a term that becomes to be popular last couple of years, therefore we wrote an article to help you dive deeper,  also there is a video made on the same topic which is in Bulgarian.   Data Use Case Introduction Nexo, a leading crypto financing institution, was the first institution to offer […]