360DigiTMG Machine learning training

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  Artificial intelligence is the new technology which will take over the world. In simple words, this technology helps machines achieve human cognitive abilities. This concept does sound like a concept-driven from a sci-fi movie but in reality, it does exist. One of the main applications required for artificial intelligence or AI is machine learning.  What […]

360DigiTMG tableau training hyderabad

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The tableau is an online data visualization program that is considered the industry standard for data analyzation. The tableau is a powerful application that visualizes data in such a way that it can be understood by anyone, from industry experts to complete newbies. It is an end-to-end analytics platform used by individuals and corporations alike […]

360DigiTMG data science institute in hyderabad

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The data science technology is implemented along with other technologies for giving productive results in different fields of the market. Data science is the technology which has resolved many problems of the banking sector. When the technologies use the data of the user for their implementation, then the quality of the data is very important for their implementation. The quality of the data becomes good when the data is analyzed. This is why data science technology is the most used technology in the present time.