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The tableau is an online data visualization program that is considered the industry standard for data analyzation. The tableau is a powerful application that visualizes data in such a way that it can be understood by anyone, from industry experts to complete newbies. It is an end-to-end analytics platform used by individuals and corporations alike and is considered the only application to turn data into insight. This means that when you use Tableau you can see the data that you input turn into visually accessible and aesthetic charts and sheets. This helps the user understand the data better and use it to make evidence-driven, conscious decisions about their business. 

Tableau connects files and is a collaborative software, lowering the processing time and the output time. This software is extremely unique because of its fluidity and self-reliance. Tableau doesn’t require a complex hardware or software set-up and can be used on any platform, that is desktop, laptop, mobile phone, et cetera. Now, although Tableau is easy to use, to access it properly and at its full capacity, there are plenty of online courses that teach you how to use this software properly and without any hassle.

Does it pay?

The amount of data that the world is producing has seen an incredible surge. According to researchers, in 2020 the amount of data we will generate will be fifty times the amount of data we produced in 2011. This humongous amount of data needs to be organized and studied in order for it to be useful and because of this, the job market has seen an increase in the number of jobs that require data scientists and Tableau experts. The pay scale for these jobs has also increased to around $110,000 in the US, and the salary for these jobs, is only expected to rise because of the shortage of the number of experts available.

What do these online courses offer?

Online courses on Tableau offer hours of hands-on training of the Tableau Desktop 2018 Associate Certification training in order to give the user a feel of the software and all the tools contained within it. These courses train you for real life circumstances, such as interviews where the user may be asked by the interviewer to use the Tableau software and solve problems or use the given data in a specific way. These courses also offer case studies, which include real-life past problems that have occurred to train the user for things that are unlikely to occur. Affordable and incredibly effective, these courses are a must for anyone who wants to get into data management or similar streams.

Who are these courses for?

Although these courses are meant for everyone and the software itself is built to be suitable for a layman, the people that would benefit most from these courses are:

  1. Business intelligence professionals
  2. Data Reporting professionals
  3. Content Management Professionals
  4. Senior management 
  5. Leadership teams who communicate with customers
  6. People in the media who create presentations
  7. Industry Freshers
  8. Database administrators 
  9. Data scientists

Resource Box

Tableau is easy to use software that can be used to organize and visualize what is known as ‘Big Data’. There are a lot of courses online teaching the basics of Tableau. These courses provide tableau training and are recommended for everyone, from industry veterans to industry freshers.

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