FIX API Is The Best Automated Trading Platform of 2019

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Nowadays, the word automated trading has become very common and, on the other hand, very popular. It seems that traders and investors are now fully engaging in automated trading. Frankly, automated trading also entails a variety of risks because it is a technology that sometimes fails or is damaged. The best automated platforms also have […]

Using Some Best Platform for Forex Trading

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Today, we live in the age of technology and have changed our way of life. He has contributed to almost every sector, including trade and economics. As a result, we can now trade online from any corner of the world. And when it comes to online trading, the Forex or the exchange becomes popular every […]

How to Make Huge Profit by Automated Trading?

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Frankly, it has a 50% chance, but yes, of course, I think people can get rich using the right automated technology. If you ensure proper use, I think it will be very useful. Even if it is software, it is not human, which makes you think of the worst. However, several automated trading platforms are […]

Forex Trading Tips Simple 4 Ways

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The Forex market is undoubtedly the largest liquid market in the world, with a daily transaction of $ 5 billion. All transactions take place in a market where operators trade and speculate on currencies. Here are 4 tips hallucinating for beginners in forex trading- 1. Learn There is a wealth of information for those who […]

A New Era of FIX API Automated System

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  Currently, organizations depend on CEOs and managers to pull out huge procedural changes and sections of administrators to control different choices. From time to time, huge calls are made: vertical to target; how articles and administrations are created, announced and transferred; on which geologies are multiplying; regardless of raising all the funding anymore; how […]