Artificial Intelligence and its Domains

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What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is the development of computers in such a way that they make their own decisions normally with the help of human intelligence. It is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in the 21st century. It gives us the power to probe the universe and our humanity with a different approach. AI has been growing exponentially in the past decade. It’s already been touching our lives in ways that you might not notice, for example, every time you go on Google for a search, some kind of AI is being used to show you the best results. Every time you ask a question to Siri, natural language processing and speech recognition is being used. Click here to know more about Artificial intelligence course

History of Artificial Intelligence
The concept of AI goes back to the classical ages. It was thought of long ago. During World War II, the first computer was invented because they cracked the German communication. The father of this machine, Alan Turing, wrote the paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in 1950.
Domains of Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning

The backbone of artificial intelligence is machine learning. The term is self-explanatory that we want to make machines learn based on their knowledge and make decisions. It came in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It can be understood in two major components. One is the use of algorithms to find meaning in random and unordered data.
Its limitation is that it cannot solve difficult AI problems like natural language processing, image recognition, language translation, etc. It is not useful when we have a greater number of inputs and outputs. To overcome the limitations of machine learning, deep learning was introduced in 2006 and was used commercially in 2010.

Deep learning

Deep learning is part of machine learning. It was inspired by the functionality of neurons in our brain cells. Models made with deep learning are able to focus on the correct features on their own. It requires little help and guidance of the programmer. The models can generate their features on which the outcome will depend on. It is also capable of solving the dimensionality problems as well because if we have a large number of inputs and outputs, we can use deep learning algorithms.

Programming languages for AI
There are N numbers of languages like Python, Java, Lisp, c, c++ etc. Python is probably the most famous and effective language for AI. Most of the developers and data scientists prefer to use Python because syntaxes in Python are very simple and can be learned easily. It has a lot of libraries that are predefined functions so many AI and machine learning algorithms can be implemented easily.

Artificial intelligence is now the upcoming and most technological trending topic. People who like working on real-life sensing problems should opt for the course. This field has a large scope in the speech recognition machine, game-playing machines, computer vision, and the most important, robotics.
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