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AI Brings Significant IoT revolution in Agtech and Industries


Artificial intelligence has increasingly become a buzz word that unreels from every tech-oriented businessperson and individuals. While in reality, it is much more than what is being heard and passed around. It has achieved wide-ranging capabilities from image recognition, data analysis, natural language processing, and agtech. To be precise, Artificial intelligence allows machines to make logical reasoning and decisions quicker than humans.

With the amalgamation of AI, IoT can achieve an added ability to work as an efficient assistant. For instance, as in the progress of AI-powered analytics platforms for predictive and adaptive analytics. 

The surge of data collected from the connected device can add value to personalized data analysis as these devices store some data and without any further analysis can be used. Moreover, AI-powered analytics facilitate the division between time-sensitive data like from connected safety equipment and other larger data volumes that can be processed with less urgency in the cloud. The achievement of AI-powered analytics has made it possible to prosper the gains of ten years in a year. 

As a result, we expect AI to set a foundation for the rise in technology and innovation in the near future. It possibly would enhance sectors of the economy, helping humans to engage in more productive solutions. Today, the programmers handle the AI capabilities and functions, but this might not be the case over some more years. 

Below are some of the possible examples where the amalgamation of IoT and AI can make better solutions for making our lifestyles improved and splendid. 

 Accurate Agtech :

Agtech is one of those major fields which have been strongly influenced by IoT innovations. Agricultural technology, also known as “agtech”, has automated the laborious tasks of farmers and brought them to their fingertips. From seed sowing to crop picking and help the farmers recruit staff for seasonal needs, agtech has transformed the idea of traditional farming into a better, easier, more productive and purposeful job. 

Moreover, with the help of AI integrated agtech, farmers are better able to have more knowledge and insights about the proper care and nourishment of their livestock and crops. In addition to this, tech has made it possible to grow 20% of world food production in urban areas instead of only in villages and rural areas. vertical farming is also a form of vertical farming and has increasingly progressed. Vertical farming takes place in a closed environment where plants grow on shelves (vertically), and reduced space is required for crop growth. According to Statista, in 2023, the vertical farming market is expected to project by 6,4 billion U.S. dollars around the world. Moreover, the urban farming industry includes $5 billion in the US. 

IoT has contributed a lot to the improvement of crop production as the farmers are capable of monitoring crop growth, soil moisture, connected harvesters, and other irrigation equipment. This helps farmers to analyze data acquired from their farms along with the third-party information such as weather forecast and moisture level, and then use to make better decision-making. 


Farmers who have previously dependent on traditional and historical references for their crops can now rely on the automatic decision making with the help of AI-infused IoT devices. IoT can be integrated with AI to acquire efficient production and better predictive analysis. This includes placement of sensors that measure temperature, humidity, environmental pressure, Ground humidity, wind speed and direction, Rainfall, and Soil temperature. The farmers of the fields incorporated with AI integrated are able to access information on their smartphones with the help of a mobile application. The mobile app when combining the historical knowledge and data with the current situation of the field, it helps the user to establish predictive patterns and models. 

The integration of AI brings faster data collection and faster process of the collected information. This not helps in actions like watering and harvesting but also the anticipated yield and demand according to the anticipated production amount.

Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing:

Industrial IoT helps bring major projection in revenue. The sensor technology has overwhelmingly contributed to the improvement of the industries. Machine maintenance and repairs are major trouble for industries.  A few years ago, these problems were supposed to be solved only after the problem occurred. On the other hand, AI-enabled machines can predict possible errors beforehand. It saves industries from long hours of downtime eventually resulting in the loss of money and time. AI integrated machines can predict the problem before it occurs and thus, a lot of time can be saved. 

Moreover, the maintenance of industrial machines has long been a laborious and time taking process. The process usually requires hiring a technician who visits each machine, plant, and factory to inspect the working condition of those machines. A better solution is, however, that can now be availed by combining sensors and AI with the devices. For example, 3D signals work by using sensor technology to monitor the functionality of those machines with their sound. The AI-integrated systems can extend their work efficiency by learning how similar machines create sound. They can also utilize the information about how a specific machine should sound for specific functions. 

With the advancement and progression in Industry based AI technology, maintenance efficiency is increased to a notable extent. It enables machines to predict problems so that the technicians and engineers can work accordingly instead of repeatedly checking at a scheduled time frame. Software development companies are integrating AI with IoT to perform several intelligent tasks including acoustic monitoring, monitoring sensory data from production line machinery, classifies irregularities, categorizes failure equipment patterns, and anticipate problems before they disturb the manufacturing process. This eliminates or reduces interruption and saves time and money.  


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