A ticket for the #AcademiaDatathon?

You may ask how to join the challenge and here is the answer!

The Giveaway

In the next days, we are giving up to 5 tickets for the students who don’t see their University participating but still want to compete in the #crypto #DataScience challenge.  There are lots of students who want to experiment with data in form of bitcoin/ethereum/ether transactions. And there are even more uni enthusiasts who are ready to test their skills and knowledge and to apply Machine Learning algorithms for beating the cryptosystems.

We want to give everyone a chance to participate and that is why we are encouraging you to take part in the discussion!

The Rules

In order to have a chance to win a ticket for the #Datathon, you have to go to the #general channel of the DataChat and share with us who are the coolest data science/ econometrics/ computer science professors you know! You will help us to bring them on board that way and to include your University in the competition. The Sunday will be the day when you will know who has won the tickets.

We wish you Good Luck and see you soon in the DataChat! 🙂

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