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With so many entrepreneurs starting businesses online, it can be very difficult to get ahead of the competition. But new and emerging trends in the online world could prove to be beneficial to a business that is attuned and responsive to it. If you want to launch a brand or take an existing one on another level of success, these 7 helpful tips could prove to be valuable.

  1. A good courier partner is tantamount

It’s hard to separate an e-commerce business with a shipping partner. How buyers view the company goes hand in hand with how quickly it can deliver the products to their doorstep. It is therefore crucial for the success of the company to partner with a reliable and efficient courier service. For most online businesses, they rely on established delivery companies with extensive networks around the world or within a certain geographic location. Bigger names in the business like Amazon run their own exclusive courier service.

  1. A good user experience

There is no one solution to turn any online business into a success. It is a combination of different factors that play off each other to create a unique and impressionable experience for customers. If you have a great looking site as well as good products but your conversion is low, there might be an issue with user experience.

Here are a couple of tips to improve the user experience.

  • Use white space to make the site look clean and make the content more legible.
  • Optimize your site. The last thing users want is waiting for a site to load. People expect fast results for the content they want.
  • Create appealing calls to action. Customers follow visual cues to see if the content is valuable to them. Attractive CTAs make the site easily navigable and direct customers efficiently around the site.
  1. Use analytics

The e-commerce space is one that is continuously evolving because it’s rooted in technology that continues to innovate. Big tech companies like Amazon build predictive algorithms that help make the operation smooth and efficient. The main function of e-commerce is to ensure a great user experience on a brand’s website, something that analytics can help realize. Analytics also play a role in supply chain management and in fraud detection which used to be handled manually.

  1. Social marketing is crucial

We can’t ignore the impact social media has in our society anymore. What was once thought to be a trivial hobby that people do online has morphed into a new communication vehicle that has connected people around the world. It stands to reason that marketers and online businesses want to capitalize on that by extending their campaigns to cover different social media platforms.

Start by creating a dedicated social media profile for your brand. Share not just new products but relevant content there as well. Connect with your audience through comments and direct messages. Address feedback, good or bad, quickly.

  1. Go mobile

As mobile phones become even more capable, more and more people use it to access the internet. What does this mean for your online business? It means there is a greater need to accommodate these smaller screens. Your web design should be responsive enough to adjust to the different devices that it’s being accessed by – whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  1. Ensure quality

Every successful business all boils down to one common factor, quality. This is, after all, what drives customers to them and what keeps them interested enough to come back time and time again. Quality doesn’t just apply to the products but to the whole operation as well. Your website, content, delivery, and customer service should all be at a standard that most people expect, if not more.

  1. Prioritize image

Because customers don’t have the luxury to inspect a product first hand, you need to provide them with an adequate alternative to study it and determine if it’s worth buying. This is why product images should be of high quality, taken in multiple angles, and with as many details as possible. You can take it up a step further by creating product videos – whether through influencer marketing or in-house production – on how it looks off the box, how it operates, and other important information customers might want to know.


Eliza Brooks is a passionate blogger and informative content writer who loves to write about social media marketing, seo tips, and web designs. He is currently working with Adfluencer, Germany’s leading agency for influencer marketing.

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