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360DigiTMG – Data Science course in vadodara

It is perhaps already stressed enough, that the amount of data being generated is almost impossible to manage; unless the field of data analytics evolves enough


360DigiTMG – Data Science course in vadodara


It is perhaps already stressed enough, that the amount of data being generated is almost impossible to manage; unless the field of data analytics evolves enough. Data analysis is not a brand new concept, but companies and organizations across the globe are only just realizing the value of what they have already, which is the raw data. However, this data in itself is completely useless. Only when it is managed properly in a database and analyzed; only then can it truly be exploited for benefits.  

Data analytics is a field which will expose you to many tools such as data visualization, data mining, different programming techniques such as Hadoop and R, with the sole purpose of allowing you to find the value in the data. Data analytics is easy to learn, and there is no dearth of resources available if you find any difficulty in doing so.

 A survey conducted showed that over 68 percent of employers were unable to fulfill their data scientist job vacancy this year.  This is a clear indication of the increased industry demand for these jobs. Data analysis can be a thoroughly enjoyable profession, especially for those who love to solve new problems. This field is rewarding as well, with average salaries in India ranging from 7-9 lakhs per annum. The flexibility to choose projects allows one to work across multiple sectors of the industry. Data analysts eventually progress to data scientists which are key players in any company’s decision making panel.


Quantum computing is a new concept that has all the tech giant companies vying for the first model. A successful quantum computer would enable data encryption seamlessly, would enable solving all sorts of complex scientific problems, weather prediction and financial predictions. 

Cloud computing is a way of storing and retrieving data over a network without actually storing it on a physical hardware device. This simplifies the process of collecting data for analytics, which is more readily available. Edge computing is somewhat similar. This technique uses a data center located close to the hardware device for processing and retrieval purposes.


The term refers to the analysis of data on a deep level to be able to derive meaningful predictions about the future. This makes use of many data analysis tools such as data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Predictive analysis examines the data of the past to generate possible and likely outcomes of the future. 

This is closely linked with the concept of data mining. The main objective of data mining is to transform data into a structured form to make it usable for predictive analysis. Data mining uses clustering and pattern matching.


In order to build a career in data analytics, the best step is to obtain a certification. 360digiTMG institute provides data analytics certification courses. With expert faculty and curriculum, these courses provide theoretical knowledge as well as industry experience.


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