Tiny smart data modelled with a not-so-tiny smart model – the Case of SAP

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Tiny smart data modelled with a not-so-tiny smart model Introduction Metadata Business Understanding Data Understanding Data Preparation Modelling Evaluation Deployment Conclusion Metadata Case: The SAP Case – Analyze Sales Team: Chameleon Project URL: https://github.com/Bugzey/Chameleon-SAP Memebers: Stefan Panev (stephen.panev@gmail.com), Metodi Nikolov (metodi.nikolov@gmail.com), Ivan Vrategov (ivanvrategov@gmail.com, Radoslav Dimitrov (rdimitrov@indeavr.com) Mentors: Alexander Efremov(aefremov@gmail.com) Agamemnon Baltagiannis (agamemnon.baltagiannis@sap.com) Team Toolset: […]


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About¶Entry: Data Science society Datathlon 2018 Case: SAP Case Dataset: available here Authors: Hristo Piyankov (hpiyankov@gmail.com) Notes: not all caclulations and graphs are carried out in python, due to time constraints Business understanding¶ Goal of the study is to udnerstand drivers behind sales up-lift with relation to the company’s own pricing strategies, promostions and competitors.’Identify […]