AI Connected Lifestyle_ A look Into the Future

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Technological Disruption is the most consistent feature of this inconsistently growing world. The Spearhead of the tech family is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence flavoring newest inventions with unimagined features. Let’s look deep into the future of the mainstream industries in the world with an AI Impact.

How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Work Together

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In today’s digital economy, both large and small organizations, as well as individuals, are relying on data for day-to-day functioning. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are popular technologies used to create insight for businesses. Artificial intelligence analyzes the massive sets of data, big data generated on the internet every day to give businesses vital information, including trends and consumption patterns required for their success.

“What’s in a Jargon?”

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Everyday we come across fancy jargon like data science, machine learning , artificial intelligence, computer vision, NLP, etc. You must have wondered as why terms like data science and AI are used together in names of research institutes like the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Does these two words mean the same ? Does it not? If it is same , why not club them into a single term , if not then why not have two different names instead of using them along side one another.