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The Cause

Propaganda is the new weapon which influences people opinions or believes at certain ideology whether that ideology is right or wrong.

At the Hack the News Datathon, Data Scientists and researchers from all around the world will come together virtually to identify and fight propaganda with modern techniques, methodologies and rely on AI and Machine Learning.


The Crowdfunded Award

The good cause needs a good stimulus. In order to promote more competitive spirits and superb solutions, we are putting 1 000 USD for the award as an initial boost.

If you want to support the good cause, you can make an award donation, no matter of the size and tickets.

The propaganda identification tool which is to be developed at the upcoming Hack the News Datathon will help to fight the manipulation spread in news and test hypothesis such as which news sources are biased and propagandistic.

Let’s stimulate even more people to excel and bring us closer to news without propaganda!


Supporting Organizations

This will not happen without the support of our research partners:



Each Contributor will have the opportunity:

– to provide feedback for the solution
– to be part of the jury and vote for the best solution
– display user avatar and name before the Official Opening of the Datathon

Organization package – For those of you who supported the initiative with more than 1 000 EUR:

– their logo can be placed at the Contributors sections of the event page
– an additional visibility on our social media channels
– recognition and mentioning at the Official Opening of the Datathon

Premium package- support for an amount bigger than 5 000 EUR:

– premium positioning at the Contributor section on the event page
– greater visibility on all of our channels
– premium recognition and mentioning at the Official Opening and Closing of the Datathon


Donation allocation

As a society we want everything to be transparent therefore we plan to allocate the donated amount as follows:
– 60 % of donated amount is allocated into award fund
– 15% for operational costs
– 15% for marketing costs
– 10% site maintenance costs and


Thank you

Step by step we are coming closer to free media and ability to identify propaganda news. We believe that by contributing to the crowdfunded award, you or your organization is supporting the big goal to fight against news propaganda in a new modern way.

We all can make Hack the News Datathon to happen!


Bookings are closed for this event.