Paper readings : Convolutional neural networks – evolution , showcases and their place in modern ANN architectures

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The initiative for paper readings – regular meetings to check,discuss and deep dive into certain pre-defined topic – marked pretty good success and interest since its beginning.

So far, we managed to go through articles regarding visual models, language models, sequential recommendation via personalized transformer, etc.

Focus for this meeting would be CNN – evolution and current applications.
A recommended article to check –

Convolutional neural networks are distinguished from other neural networks by their superior performance with image, speech, or audio signal inputs. They have three main types of layers, which are:

  • Convolutional layer
  • Pooling layer
  • Fully-connected (FC) layer

The convolutional layer is the first layer of a convolutional network. While convolutional layers can be followed by additional convolutional layers or pooling layers, the fully-connected layer is the final layer. With each layer, the CNN increases in its complexity, identifying greater portions of the image. Earlier layers focus on simple features, such as colors and edges. As the image data progresses through the layers of the CNN, it starts to recognize larger elements or shapes of the object until it finally identifies the intended object.

During the event you will have a chance to learn about:

  • CNN evolution
  • applications
  • modern ANN architectures

Anyone with interest in the topic and availability to join is invited and welcome!

Data and Time: 19.11.2023, Sunday, 16:00-19:00 EET

Location: Barter Community hub

The event is open and free . Book a ticket to reserve a place and to get the materials afterwards.

Prepare your experience examples, thoughts, comments and questions to be discussed during the event!

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