Paper-Reading session: Transformers for recommender systems

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paper reading session

The May – June edition of a paper reading session. Normally we review different papers and speak about them, now we have more presentational-oriented session. All our communication is happening in slack so you can review the history of previous sessions. For the event the agenda is:

  • Anna confirmed that she will talk about her adventures in using transformers to build a recommender system.
  • Vlado will also talk about ConvNeXt ( ) and most likely there will be a face detection demo. Given that we’ve been through the transformers a few times and quite a few people have watched convolutional networks – I think we’ll be able to fit in two and a half hours (with the break between presentations). Shout out if you have ideas for something extra.
  • Petko can show in 5-10 minutes how far he has come with the visual scraping project (if his work on it goes well this month).
  • Everyone is invited to share what s/he is doing in the field of Data Science – We believe that sharing is caring! Save some time after the presentation for networking and chatting! : )

Data and Time: 04.06.2023 , 16:00-19:00 EEST Timezone

Location: Puzl ,

Communication: Join in our slack channel

The event is open and free . Book a ticket to reserve a place and to get the materials afterwards.

Prepare your questions for the speaker and ask in the Q&A part from the event!

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