Modern forecasting approaches and challenges

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The May edition meet-up from the Data science society & PyData meet-ups 2024 is here!

Who is the presenter?

Milen Chechev is currently head of Data science @ Fourth Ltd, with 10+ years of experience in leading teams and projects , related to Machine learning. He has also 10+ years of experience as a software engineer.

Milen has Phd of Recommendation systems, and has a specialisation at Aalto University, Finland. As an active lecturer at Sofia university, FMI , for more than 10 years he has the opportunity to help the young talents and make them passionate for their career.

Forecasting is a task which attracts and challenges scientists for more than 100 years.
Forecasting the future is a rare and mistic ability which attract and fascinate people for more than 100 years. In the modern era there is a ton of data which could be used to help for this task and there is also ton of research at the area. So from where to start and how to build an efficient and modern forecasting system?
At this talk you will understand the main challenges which to expect as well as the guidelines for their resolution. We will solve the forecasting problem as ML problem as once defined will make a comparison of the current state of the art algorithms.

Except for the MeetUp, everyone is invited to share what he/she is doing in the field of Data Science – We believe that sharing is caring! Save some time after the presentation for networking and chatting! : )

Data and Time: 11.05.2024 , 18:00-21:30 EEST Timezone

Location: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Sofia University, bul. Tsarigradsko shose 125, 1st floor, hall nr.200

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This event is organized in partnership with PyData Sofia & Networking Premium Coworking – Rakovska HQ.

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