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Most high schoolers seem to revolve around school, friends and extracurricular activities which mean that going to school and doing homework is alike to a full-time job. But there are many curious minds that realized there are so many opportunities except attending classes, and they proved they can successfully achieve great results in the field of Data Science. Meet two teams of students who applied machine learning skills and were among the winners of Data Science Hackathons.


Team Peper

Team “Peper” ( Victor Velev, Vladislav Georgiev, Kaloyan Madzhunov, Martin Dacev, Peter Milev, and Telerik Arsov – 12th and 10th grade students at Technological School “Electronic Systems” (TUES) at the Technical University of Sofia) has implemented the “Peper Analysis” application that makes a quick and user-friendly analysis of the neighborhoods in Sofia in the form of a heat map for tourists to find a suitable place to stay in Sofia by searching for different subjective criteria. The solution is implemented through web scraping (Selenium), sentiment analysis (TextBlob) of the acquired data, analysis (NLTK), topic modeling and word embedding (GloVe).

Team Nishki

Team Nishki (Evgeni Dimov, Kalin Doichev, Kostadin Kostadinov and Aneta Tsvetkova from TUES) were solving a case about identifying objects with their labels through image recognition algorithms such as YOLO for real-time object detection and classification while the implementation in DarkFlow. The team was among the finalists of the international Data Science hackathon happening in 2019.


Place and time: 16.05 at 19:00

Location: Puzl CowOrKing,ul. “Iskar” 4, 1000 Sofia Center – Sofia

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