Global Datathon 2018 The Secret Opening – What to expect?

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🎉The Second Global Data Challenge🎉

Global Datathon 2018 is approaching and our next #DataMeetup will be focused to the event!

✔️Experts from the companies which provided the case will present the challenges which they have prepared for you so you could ask your questions and get a better idea of what to expect during the competition.

 Telelink, Telenor Bulgaria, Kaufland Bulgaria, Ontotext ADNSI (National Statistic Institute)!

✔️Everything you are interested to know about the fifth edition of the Datathon will be discussed at the Meeting with some beer for fuel. 🍺

✔️Keep in mind, the event is with limited beers and seats, so don’t forget to book your bottle and seat in advance from here. 😉

✔️You can register for the incoming Datathon from here: 🖊️



@ 19:00 (UTC: + 3:00) on 20/9/2018, Thursday


Betahaus, ul. “Krum Popov” 58, 1421 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria


Keep in mind that you can still participate at the DataMeetUp and ask your questions regarding the data cases, no matter where you are! Here is the link to the streaming:

Of course, if you are in Sofia, it will be the best to come and ask your questions in person so hope to see you soon!




Bookings are closed for this event.