Data Science Kids

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Data Science Kids


Let’s gather all curious children to learn more about the world of data by playing interesting educational games!

By introducing the children to thinking in a data-driven way early in their lives, we set the foundation of an analytical mindset. The success of the first event inspired us to launch the second edition of Data Science for Kids as an educational STEM initiative supporting early education.

At Data Science Kids we will play Data Science Games introducing the basic concept of

  • Arithmetic operations
  • Variations and statistics
  • Data Visualization

The aim of the event is to spark children’s interest in mathematics and to awaken their curiosity about finding the hidden patterns in the world around them.

We will play, move, draw and learn together in the world of data!


It will be announced soon!


Date & Time: 16.06.19, 10:00 – 13:00

Location: Sofia Lab

Suitable for: 6-9 years old children

Language: Bulgarian

The parents may stay during the event if they want to, though it’s not necessary. Apart from the facilitators, we will also guarantee supervisors to keep an eye on the children.  



Bookings are closed for this event.