Data Science in the Astrophysics – MeetUp

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You like Data, but you are also curious about the Astrophysics? This is the right event for you by Data Science Society and!
Don’t miss the opportunity to listen Nikolay Kacharov and Yordan Darakchiev, they will talk on the topics of “Bayesian inference of galaxies kinematics and dynamics” and “The applications of Machine Learning in astronomy” at our next data MeetUp.

On 31nst of October, we will be in Soho (Sofia Holistic Coworking Company) to share knowledge with you thanks to our friends from Receipt Bank ADataPro, Telelink, and  WorldQuant.


  •  Nikolay Kacharov – Bayesian inference of galaxies kinematics and dynamics.
  •  Yordan Darakchiev – The applications of Machine Learning in astronomy.

More info:

Nikolay Kacharov – Studied physics and astronomy at the University of Sofia, where he completed a Bachelor (2010) and a Master (2011) degrees. Then he moved to do a PhD project at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, where graduated in 2015. Since then he is a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg. His studies focus on understanding the build-up of galaxies and their individual components through the analysis of their dynamics and stellar content.

Yordan Darakchiev – He graduated from Telerik Software Academy and since then he has been working as a freelancer and also as a software engineer trainer. He likes to challenge himself with difficult programming problems and he enjoys finding their elegant solutions. Learning new technologies is a routine for him.

Apart from programming and algorithms, his other expertise and passion are related to:

– Astrobiology, abiogenesis and evolution of life
– Astrophysics, an evolution of galaxies
– Image processing, with a focus on astrophysical applications; image recognition; performance and constraints
– Teaching machine learning
– Web development

There is no fee for the tickets but the registration is mandatory.

So come and join us for knowledge sharing and cold beers! : )


The location is: SOHO – Sofia Holistic Coworking Company ul. “Iskar” 4, 1000 Sofia Center – Sofia

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