Building home RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) app without OpenAI

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The February edition meet-up from the Data science society & PyData meet-ups 2024 is here!

Who is the presenter?

Demir Tonchev has been in the Data Science field for 10+ years. In the last 2 years he has worked on NLP projects and model deployment in one the biggest financial institutions. Currently he works at GoPro(name clash with the famous cameras) a company specialized in case and document management. Outside NLP he enjoys exploring the world of Reinforcement Learning.

Join us to build and chat with our own RAG powered bot using only open-source technologies and models.

During the event we will get to know and use the core elements of RAG – vector DB, embeddings model and generative model. We will use the cheapest Azure VM option with GPU, yet we will see that the bot could be useful. During the talk we will use the following:

  • Milvus DB – for vector indexing and search
  • Huggingface – SentenceTransformers (for embeddings), BM25 for hybrid search (if time permits)
  • Ray for serving our generative model

Except for the MeetUp, everyone is invited to share what s/he is doing in the field of Data Science – We believe that sharing is caring! Save some time after the presentation for networking and chatting! : )

Data and Time: 15.02.2024 , 19:00-21:00 EEST Timezone

Location: NETWORKING Premium Coworking, Address: “Georgi S.Rakovski” 25 Str., Sofia

The event is open and free . Book a ticket to reserve a place and to get the materials afterwards.

Prepare your questions for the speaker and ask in the Q&A part from the event!

Event Partners

This event is organized in partnership with PyData Sofia. Together we focus on improving the Data Science Community and enriching everyone’s knowledge!


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