What is NFT?

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The year 2021 might be known in the history book of blockchain technology as the year when digital collectibles, digital art and virtual lands exploded. In March 2021, a crypto investor paid +$60 million for the digital painting “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” during an auction organized by Christie’s. Later that year, a series of […]

Team NFPs

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Team “Non-Fungible Primates” PART I: Predicting NFT prices Business Understanding The non-fungible token market is illiquid. Currently there is not a solution for real-time pricing of collections and individual tokens. Nexo is positioned as a leading lending provider for digital assets. Until recently they relied on crypto collateral for the provision of a loan. However, […]

Datathon guidelines for mentors

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     1. Log in to Slack You can find the “Join Slack” option under the Society tab on the front page, or you could register following this link.  1.2. Participate in online conference call First and most important you should provide us with a timetable of when You are going to be available online […]

Datathon Air Sofia Solution – Telelink Televised by Teleloonies

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Techonnology and methods used: R – plyr, dplyr, tidyverse, stringr, data.table, geohash, ggmap, maps, robustbase, geosphere, pracma, Hmisc, ggplot2, tidyquant, reshape2, pastecs Python – s3fs, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, plotly, geohash2, folium, geopy OLS Regression, Ridge Regression, Decision Trees Introduction Air pollution beyond the norms is a common problem in many locations. Examining the causes behind and being able to predict […]