Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution – Kung Fu Panda

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1. Business Understanding The air quality in Sofia, Bulgaria, has been a problem for some time already. The population of the city is constantly increasing and this brings more traffic on the streets. The car ownership in Sofia is among the highest in Europe with around 600 cars per 1000 citizens. Another huge issue in […]

Monthly Challenge – Ontotext case – Solution – Kung Fu Panda

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Week 2: Data processing¶ Summary of the findings from Week 1.Data Understanding + Feature Extraction: There are 32 unique industry categories (col “Industry”); Some companies are assigned to several categories. However only around 2% of the companies have more than 2 categories; Entertainment_and_publishing (28.49%), Education (20.66%), Travel_and_sport (17.06%), Public_sector (10.1%), Information_technology (3.89%), Transport (3.74%), Manufacturing […]