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If you have sent money abroad or purchased from an international online retailer, you are familiar with the way the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) fluctuates daily. And according to the total of the difference can be significant.

But the fluctuation of the money should not be negative if you can work in your favor.

Here are some tips on how to reduce costs and capture the basic elements when:


All New Zealand banks provide services to send money to foreign accounts, but the charge can vary greatly. While using the bank’s practice, they often add “spreads” (or transaction fees) plus fees. The good news is there are alternatives to banks.

Service Payment Sites

Most companies and individuals in New Zealand will use the payment sites – where you pay their “account” directly. service payment sites can be handy and have the added benefit of buyer protection in many cases. But their differences can often be the highest on the market, leading to costly fees to send money abroad.

International Transfer Gates

Another option is to use an international money transfer site. check fraud is required, and once in place, a person or company can send funds from their local bank to the supplier.

The supplier then transfers the funds to the bank account of overseas territories. While the implementation of this account takes time and transfers are not instantly spreads and fees can often be as low, which can lead to significant savings.

How To Buy And Sell Coins

The use of transfer services as above to trade currencies is not practical because the costs and delays of customs clearance often outweigh the measurable returns – particularly if the fluctuations in national currencies (as NZD / AUD) is low. Enter the foreign exchange (Forex).

What Is The Foreign Exchange?

Forex is the largest investment market in the world, according to Investopedia. And a daily average of nearly $ 4 billion and continues to grow each year a growing number of people found appropriate to their investment objectives.

How The Work Of Currency Trading

Pairing Two Currencies

First of all exchange transactions are made in “pairs”. Unlike the stock market where you can buy or sell a single stock, you should buy one currency and selling another currency on the foreign exchange market.

A Percentage Difference Is Predicted

You are not physically buying and selling currencies, but rather a trade-matching currency (such as the NZD / USD) predicts which direction the New Zealand dollar will head. Then almost all currencies are priced to the fourth decimal point. An increase in seed or a percentage to a decimal point is the smallest increment of trade.

Investments Are Made On The Difference

Leverage is then proposed which allows an individual to exchange a multiple of their deposit (up to 500 times). With deposits highly leveraged, even small movements of currencies can lead to significant profits and/or losses.

Key To Choose An Account In Forex Broker

To avoid high costs and variances, there are specific Forex brokers in New Zealand dealing with trading currencies.

  1. Make sure that the Forex broker is the New Zealand-regulated

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) is the government agency responsible for regulating New Zealand. Dealers that are regulated NZ

  • Comply with corporate law in New Zealand
  • Are subject to periodic audit to ensure compliance with standards FMA
  • Have sufficient cash reserve customers to pay promptly
  • Keep traders in separate accounts
  • Maintain an office in New Zealand
  1. Understanding the Forex trading platform used

There is a wide range of Forex trading software available that impacts the experiences and characteristics of a trader. It is important to understand that the Forex platform brokerage rates and the popularity of the platform.

In general, the two most popular Forex platforms are MetaTrader 4 and cTrader. The choice of these platforms gives the flexibility to share features with other traders and pass to other Forex brokers that offer the same platform in the future with minimal fuss.

  1. Choose a Forex broker to suit your business needs

Some Forex brokers are designed for experienced traders to risk high and with low fees with options of the powerful lever. But these brokers may not be suitable for new Forex trading.

Newbies might consider a lower lever broker offering risk management offerings such as guaranteed stop-loss orders (GSLO) and the negative balance protection – a particularly important feature to prevent losses in excess of the deposit with the broker.

Overall, CFDs leveraged financial products is a high risk. It is essential to understand the risks associated with trading Forex and maybe the value of the broker’s demo accounts without experimentation before opening a live account.

To conclude, the Forex market is a tricky market place. It can make you rich overnight, on the other hand, it can snatch all your capitals overnight. So, do everything carefully and make every decision wisely.


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