Shellfish marketing startup Willapa Wild secures over USD 1 million in investments

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Willapa Wild LLC, a young marketing company based in Ocean Park, Washington, can continue to incubate its business with more than a million US dollars (888,028 euros) recently raised, according to a new Coast River Business report Newspaper.

Willapa Wild announced that it has received new investment financing from Kalorama, LLC, a qualified opportunity zone fund, in June. Bear Claw House, the company’s current incubator and angel investor, is responsible for the remainder of the last capital raised, the Coast River Business Journal reported.

The investments should “fuel and accelerate the extension of Willapa Wild, the company seeking to build the capacity of consumers to connect directly with fishermen and shellfish farmers in the region,” the company said in a June press release. . Carley Roney and David Liu, founders of Kalorama, will now be on the board of Willapa Wild.

Owned by Cora and Antony Barran, Willapa Wild is “focused on disrupting the shellfish and seafood industries” through the Internet and technology. As consumers become more involved in the social and environmental integrity of the products they buy, the firm has identified an opportunity to better respond to the sophisticated sensitivities of modern consumers.

“As consumers become more aware and concerned about the effects of climate change and pollution on the environment, they increasingly understand the impact of their good consumption on the environment,” Willapa Wild said. Coast River Business Journal. “This concern drives them to find more sustainable and healthier solutions for themselves and for the planet. An important aspect of this effort is the desire to reduce distance and transparency in the farm-to-fork experience.

“This is really one of the last sectors not to be disturbed by technology and the Internet,” the company said.

“Our goal is clear: we want to provide consumers with a transparent, sustainable and healthy source of protein that benefits the plant and the consumers who consume it, while at the same time recovering significant profits and returning them to fishers and farmers. who need so much support. We look forward to working with our partners to adapt this effective approach to the entire region and create a clear path to the freshest and best product for consumers and a living wage for people working in the food and beverage industries. fishing and shellfish farming, “added Antony Barran, president of Willapa Wild.

Receive a vote of financial confidence from a high-performance digital investment company such as Kalorama, responsible for the creation of the wedding website “The Knot”, as well as its sister sites “The Bump” and “The Nest” – was encouraging for Willapa. Wild, said Barran.

“We are delighted that Carley and David have chosen to invest in Willapa Wild. Their background and skills speak for themselves. At the same time, Pacific County can attract the digital investment of an experienced team from New York Venture Capital if the opportunity is created, “he said, according to the Coast River Business Journal.

Willapa Wild works with companies such as Ekone Oyster Co., which merged with Taylor Shellfish in 2017. Such a partnership has provided Kalorama with a solid foundation that the company is looking for when it invests in digital. enterprises, explained Liu.

“Willapa Wild has already proven to be a leader in developing consumer-focused strategies for the sustainable cultured shellfish sector,” Liu said. “Through markets such as Amazon, they have partnered with leading companies such as Ekone Oyster Co. and Taylor Shellfish [which merged in 2017] to complete the proof of concept that we are seeking in an investment. digital. We are pleased to help consumers buy and choose to eat sustainable, environmentally friendly foods. Finally, we are delighted that this opportunity is focused primarily on the last virgin bay in the United States, a resource we need to do everything in our power to preserve it. “

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