Learn How AI and Biometrics May Stop a Terrorist Attack

Interested how biometrics works and how it is used against terrorism? Or just curious how smart the machines have become and how long before they turn into Skynet? In both cases, we at the Data Science Society have got great news for you! In the beginning of September you can participate in two major events organized by IEEE Young Professionals AG of Bulgaria, and supported by the Data Science Society.

1) Joint meeting on “Computational Intelligence”

On September 3, you can participate In our Joint meeting on “Computational Intelligence” organized in partnership with the Bulgarian joint chapter of Computational Intelligence/Systems, Man and Cybernetics. The event is a specialized seminar within the “Distinguished Lecturer” program of IEEE CIS Society. we will have as guest Prof. James Bezdek, IEEE Fellow and pioneer in the field of fuzzy clustering.

ABSTRACT: Anomalies in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs): (i) Isolated and epoch anomalies internal to a node; aberrant behavior of an entire node; and anomalous subtrees. (ii) Models that use data capture by level sets of ellipsoids (iii) Models that use visual assessment of elliptical summaries (iv) Measures of (dis)similarity on sets of ellipsoids (v) Visual evidence for cluster tendency in sets of ellipsoids (vi) Numerical examples using single linkage clustering on real WSN data from the IBRL network, the Great Barrier Reef Ocean Observation System, and the Grand St. Bernard pass.

The meeting will be hosted at Software University in Sofia and starts at 11.00 on September 3, 2016.

You can find more information about the talk and the lecturer, as well as to register for the event on the following link here.


2) IEEE Summer School on “Systems, Man and Cybernetics”
On September 7, you can participate on our IEEE Summer School on “Systems, Man and Cybernetics” as a specialized event within the official program of the International IEEE conference on “Intelligent Systems’16”, which is to be held in Sofia between 4-6 September  (

The Summer School on SMC is an accompanying event to the conference and it is open to all: the conference participants, the local IEEE community, as well as to students and non-members as seminar for professional development.


3D surface reconstruction – Prof. Vincenzo Piuri (IT)

Linguistic Geometry: Constructing Strategies for Adversarial Games – Prof. Boris Stilman (USA)

How big is too big? (Mostly) c-Means Clustering in Big Data – Prof. James Bezdek (USA)

New Development of Bio-metrics and Forensics, AI, PR and Big Data in Interactive Learning Environment – Prof. Patrick Wang (USA)

Switched Fuzzy Systems: New Directions for Intelligent Control and Decision – Prof. Georgi Dimirovski (TR/MK)

The event is sponsored by the IEEE SMC society and organized by the local IEEE CIS/SMC chapters and the IEEE Young Professionals AG of Bulgaria. The seminar is scheduled as half day event, where distinguished lecturers and IEEE members of higher level will deliver inspirational talks on subjects related to Cybernetics, Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence!

The meeting will be hosted at Software University in Sofia and starts at 10.00 on September 7, 2016.

You can find more information about the talks and the lecturers, as well as to register for the event on the following link here.

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