How to Make Huge Profit by Automated Trading?


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Frankly, it has a 50% chance, but yes, of course, I think people can get rich using the right automated technology.

If you ensure proper use, I think it will be very useful. Even if it is software, it is not human, which makes you think of the worst.

However, several automated trading platforms are now available and if you want to use them, I will recommend the FIX API trading platform of SGT Markets.

I use it too and I get good results. So, before using automated trading software, remember that it’s just software, which means you can lose all your money.

Why do I recommend the FIX API trading platform –

SGT Market Series (API) enables the automatic trading of currencies, precious metals and CFDs (contracts for differences) with commodities, indices and bonds.

With deposits of less than US $ 5,000, SGT Markets offers you the option of opening a FIX API account, which is generally intended for institutional and high volume clients who want direct access to very low liquidity prices at very low prices. of the market.

FIX API customers use SGT Markets’ liquidity and technology relationships to obtain a partner, price, and volume-based competitive rate.

SGT Markets will provide FIX API accounts only to clients who have sent funds (the minimum deposit required is 5,000) and to those who have passed the usual verification step.


SGT Markets collects prices from various sources of bank and non-bank cash, which means you’ll always get the best prices available on the market. This combination with the leading market spreads means better execution.


You can monitor positions, balances and margins in real time, reconcile positions and view trading volumes over a period of time. Financial reports and transaction summaries are sent to clients for day-to-day operations and liquidity reconciliation.


Special liquidity for active traders in a very low latency trading environment

SGT Markets FIX API: A liquidity solution that allows customers to achieve their goals
Access to heavy equipment technology at the best price with competitive compensation costs based on volume.

Welcome to all trading styles: HFT, News, other toxic strategies.

Finally, if you want to succeed in automatic trading, you must risk investing in it. Otherwise, do not do it and that’s my personal point of view.



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