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The potential of Data Science in each industry is tremendous and nobody can argue that. Now, imagine the power of
Machine Learning in the industry, which has been a synonym of wealth – the Real Estate. Through data, lots of factors can be predicted, such as tenant churn, lead generation for tenants, property predictive maintenance and many more. After our successful Meetup dedicated to Data Science in Astrophysics, we decided to continue the exploration of the Science in a different domain with two use cases from Real Estate.

Computer Vision in Real Estate

The first speaker at the Meetup will be Vassil Lunchev, CEO of Homeheed who will present how to detect fake listings using Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Imagine that you have 600,000 real estate listings with a total of 5,000,000 photos. What you know is that many of these listings are fake and some of the challenges Vassil will talk about is how you can detect the fake ones including the approach that works, and those which do not. And apart from that he will present what kind of additional data is necessary to detect the fake ones.

Machine Learning in Proptech – From concept to production

Our second speakers are Boyan Bonev, CTO and Demir Tonchev, Data Scientist at Gaida.AI who will present the topic of Machine Learning in Proptech – From concept to production. In their talk, they’ll present an experience report on shipping a proprietary ML recommender system for the PropTech industry.

Gaida.AI’s CTO and one of the Data Scientists will cover the process from the very initial concept to working software. The focus will be put on the challenges the domain of real estate presents for some of the standard approaches and models (collaborative filtering). Boyan and Demir will go all the way from data exploration and modeling to the nitty-gritty of getting it all up and running in a production environment. Sharing will be happening – lessons we learned, mistakes we made and things they are still looking to improve.

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Vassil Lunchev, CEO & co-founder of Homeheed. Vassil has experience as the CEO of Homeheed and currently works on a computer vision system to detect fake listings. Apart from that, he worked for Leanplum on more than 10 projects from big data pipelines to (machine) learning the optimal time to send an email. Part of his professional experience is SoundCloud where he worked on an automatic music genre classification system.

Demir Tonchev, Lead Data Scientist at Gaida.AI. Demir is the Lead Data Scientist of with experience in delivering modeling projects for Fortune 500 companies. In Gaida his main challenge is building a recommendation system for the users looking for the perfect home.

Boyan Bonev, CTO of Gaida.AI. Boyan is an experienced lead with a background in finding data-driven solutions to real-world problems across various industries. His expertise has focused around guiding the technical evolution of companies at different stages of maturity and addressing short term challenges in a sustainable way. Boyan is the technical founder of Gaida.AI, a company formed with the goal of supercharging the journey of the real estate world into the AI century and introducing businesses to the looming reality of Big Data and Artificial intelligence reshaping the world around us.

Except for the MeetUp, everyone is invited to share what s/he is doing in the field of Data Science – We believe that sharing is caring! So come and join us for knowledge sharing and cold beers! : )

Data and Time: 2.07.2019 (TUE), 19:00 -21:00

Location: Puzl CowOrKing Space – bulevard “Cherni vrah” 47, 1407 Promishlena zona Hladilnika, Sofia

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