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Iva Marinova

Iva Marinova

Iva Marinova, Industry Expert, Data Science Researcher @ Identrics

Iva has been with Identrics since its inception in 2015, initially as a DevOps Engineer, and currently as Data Science Researcher. As an integral part of the A Data Pro Group’s innovation team, she investigates and evaluates new approaches to Natural Language Processing problems, building and improving AI solutions from development to production.

Iva’s experience covers deep learning and artificial neural networks, statistical data analysis and Named Entity Recognition, and as well as open source software, including Linux, Apache and CentOS. Moreover, with English, German, Russian and Bulgarian under her belt, and the unlikely combination of a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Systems Security with a Bachelor’s in Theatre, Iva’s perspective on the big challenges of machine learning – both generally, and as applied to A Data Pro’s internal processes – is as creative as it is critical.