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Ekaterina Marinova

Ekaterina Marinova

Ekaterina Marinova, Platform Expert – Microsoft, Sales Solutions Specialist Data and AI @ Microsoft

Starting with predicting customer behavior and sales, I was excited to explore the world of Big Data in my Master’s degree in Rotterdam School of Management. There,  I had the opportunity to work with companies in developing predictive analytics models, marketing retargeting strategy and the analytics process from A-Z using R, Alteryx, R Studio and Tableau. By exploring different statistical models, visualization tools, and starting a project from scratch I could ensure that this was already a passion and a thing to work on in the future.

Currently I ensure that customers take advantage of Microsoft’s unique hybrid data platform to digitally transform through our technology and expertise and Microsoft partners’ solutions and knowledge. I am working with a small portfolio of Microsoft most valuable customers within the enterprise sector, public sector and education and collaborating with a virtual team of technical, partner and consulting resources to enhance the sales process and advance the SQL  Server and Azure data services penetration in CEE markets.

Exposed to the resources of Azure ML, PowerBI and Microsoft technologies as a whole, I am focused on translating business needs into data models, which further serve as a building block for strategic decisions.

With a passion for big data, I am extremely interested in solutions, models and data applications in the Data and AI world. Curious for best practices, business applications, and how data translates into business context, I can say that data analytics is an area where I am aiming to excel.