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Deyan Peychev

Deyan Peychev

Deyan Peychev, Industry Expert, CTO @ Identrics

With a decade in the field, Deyan is a veteran in the development of semantic technologies and methods for knowledge extraction from unstructured text. He joined the A Data Pro Group in 2015 as Chief Technology Officer of our innovation hub Identrics, and has since been the go-to man for AI and automation-led process optimisation across our services.

Deyan’s specialties include software integration in business environments, the creation of semantic data models and services, building software solutions for machine learning and – not least – the flute, which he plays in the office after hours. Beyond his vast know-how and passion for his craft, what makes Deyan such an asset to our team is his congeniality and ability to relate complex machine learning concepts in lay terms.

Deyan is a Biotechnology graduate from Sofia University, with academic interests spanning genetic engineering, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and any interdisciplinary field in between. He formerly served as Chief Technology Officer at Data Craft & Magic, and as a Data Processing Engineer at Ontotext.