Datathon Finals

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Official ranking for Datathon2020 is :

Special award - training voucher - #Army_of_Ones_and_Zeroes

Audience Award and 5th place - training vouchers, host meetup - #ACES

4th place - training vouchers --> Datadogs

3d place - training vouchers and 800 USD  --> ShopUp

2nd place - training vouchers and 1200 USD --> The team with no members

1st place - training vouchers and 2000 USD -->  Team BV



Datathon 2020 is the meeting point for all Data Scientists from all around the world who are thrilled to be challenged with real data science cases.

3+ years
30+ countries
100+ solutions
1000+ participants

Over 27 000 USD in Awards

Thanks to our great partners 365 Data Science, Ernst & Young and Imperia Online we have awards in cash, courses and in products of total amount over 27 000 USD. 


7200 BGN in Cash
Learn, fun and new mates!
Get the chance to team-up, 
exchange experience 
and enjoy yourself!
Training vouchers
Live time vouchers of 
> 1000 top data science lessons

Cases so far

Predicting weather disruption of public transport

This case is about predicting emergency situations caused due to extreme weather condition (rain, flood, etc.) and planning againsttime-series analysis.More info

Optimize Retail Supply Chain

One of the industries AI is making a big impact is the Logistics Industry. Recent Research shows time-series analysis.More info

Would you recommend me an article?

For the past two decades we have been witnessing a never seen before access to information on one hand and at the same time time-series analysis.More info

Let's play a game!

Anyone that has ever played digital multiplayer games, has experienced the frustration from time-series analysis.More info

How to join

For latest updates you might want to receive, please register into the platform and log into #datathon2020 channel!
It was created specially for this Datathon,and there you can  find more details , ask questions and get the information you need!

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The Society

Data Science Society (a volunteer organization) develops a friendly environment where data enthusiasts are able to learn, share and experiment with real data cases within our global family.
We organize online Datathons, monthly challenges, digital meetups, webinars, workshops, summer schools, and many other events. At the Data.Platform there are more than 2500 registered like-minded Data Science enthusiasts from 50 plus countries willing to experiment with data, learn and share their experience.

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