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This February Data Science Society will make the difference with the First Online Data Challenge available for everyone!

The 48-hours Data Hackathon is an opportunity to dive in real-world cases and come up with solutions mentored by leading experts from all over the world.  

The Society

The Data Science Society is a community aiming for the last three years to build a body of knowledge in the field while having fun and connecting data science passionates digitally. So far, we have organized three Datathons, more than 30 meetups and we have participated in global conferences. For further data knowledge, you can check our YouTube Channel, SlideShare and read our articles as well.

The Online #Datathon2018

This would be the third edition of our Datathon with cases from Telenor, Receipt Bank, Ontotext, Kaufland, VMWare, ZenCodeo, and А Data Pro. The participants coming from a variety of backgrounds and interests – academics and practitioners have the opportunity to build their models on our partners’ clouds - IBM, Microsoft, Amazon. All the communication and collaboration will happen digitally in our platform, launching on the 5th of February when the registration ends.

From Data Theory to Action

The Data Science field is constantly expanding and there has been a tremendous number of opportunities to learn data through online courses, training, and resources in the network, but no chance to deal with the data itself. There is a huge gap between theory and practice and Data Science Society tries to close it by connecting the data lovers in one international online challenge with about 7 cases coming from the data industry mentored by more than 30 international world-known data science experts.

Expand Your Domain

Got bored with the same data every day? Coming across real-world data issues regarding NLP, AI and Computer Vision, lots of data challenges will be faced, for sure. The Data Hackathon is the place where theoretical, technical and practical information will be shared to increase the overall expertise in the field. By collaborating in teams of like-minded people, there is a chance to explore different types of data processing and analyses such as image recognition, pattern recognition and more.

New Data Science Friends

This is the moment to create new friendships and to expand your network globally. Tailor the best data solution and be the award choice of the jury. The Datathon aims to show everyone’s potential, to encourage the data passionates and experts to think beyond the known in a short-term without any limits. The Datathon is the time for recognizing and closing any knowledge gaps, solving data problems virtually and physically guided by mentors throughout the whole experience.

Data Science Mentors

There are people who have always wanted to encourage and help people to become data scientists and to engage more enthusiasts in the field of the data science and analytics. Some of those people have already joined the Datathon as mentors. You are also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Check out the First Online Data Challenge and don’t forget to check in!

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