Artificial intelligence and Python programming language

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Python is a popular programming language in the world of artificial intelligence, it is a major field of innovation these days. Today, Python is a recommended programming language, it has become the leading language for artificial intelligence and neural networks. Artificial intelligence is all about making machines intelligent, so they also could have the general intellect of their own. For this, they need programming, coding, complex machine learning, and algorithms. This is possible by using Python for a larger extent.


What is Python? 

Python is a simple programming language that has a vast number of applications and developments. It is an interpreted language, meaning that the developer can run the program without translating it into a language for computers. It is a high-level language for scenarios which has many levels with arrays, Boolean expressions, etc. This makes it one of the most understandable programming languages for complex coding and development. Python also comes with automatic management of memory so it can handle a wide variety of paradigms in programming. 

  • It is easy to understand.
  • No need for language barriers.
  • It has a simple syntax. 
  • It has an open-source library.
  • It has a large community that makes it easier for developers and coders to find solutions.

Python and AI 

Python features a large variety of libraries and tools for the purpose of AI. To start the artificial intelligence projects you will need libraries like sci-kit-learn, Matplotlib, IPython notebook, Numpy, etc. Pandas is another open-source library for finding analytical tools and various data structures. It will be easy to create publication figures and the graphic user interface by using Matplotlib which is a 2D library for plotting. 

Python also helps in gathering information and knowledge through numeric prediction, decision tree, and logistic regression. 


Why Python is common for AI 

Other than being a versatile language, Python also has the least codes which are definitely a plus point compared to other languages. However, other than these points there are some other reasons that make Python is a great choice for artificial intelligence, like: 

  • Independence: Python is independent and so, it is easy to use it in any form and platform. Artificial intelligence is a complex field; it requires this kind of character only where the programming language can be flexible and easy to be tweaked while coding. 
  • Libraries: Artificial intelligence is a complex science, it will need a multilevel coding and developing. Python provides the solution to this as it got some of the best-prebuilt libraries, it will be very handy while coding. There are some libraries like Brain for machine learning, Scipy, and Numpy for scientific and advanced computation. 
  • Flexibility: Python is flexible and versatile and therefore can be used for AI scripting. One can use the IDE to find codes and thus can be used by the coders to find various algorithms. 



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