Datathon – HackNews – Solution – PIG (Propaganda Identification Group)

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@Mentors: preslav @preslav alberto @alberto giovanni @giovanni laura @laura vsenderov @vsenderov   Team Members (datachat user name) Thomas Arnold (thomasarnold) Gisela Vallejo (gvallejo) Yang Gao (yg211) Tilman Beck (tbtuda) Nils Reimers (reimers) Jonas Pfeiffer (jopfeiff) Toolset: Keras – Github Pytorch – Site ScikitLearn – Site Flair – Paper Github BERT – Paper Github Stanford Politeness API: Github […]

Sofia Air Case

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Air pollution is one of the most serious problems in the world. To counter the problem, precautious measurements should be met.

The main objectives to the Sofia Air case were to predict the air pollution in Sofia, Bulgaria for the next 24 hour period and to predict the chance of exceedance of 50 µg/m3 average for the day (EU air quality limit).

Datathon Sofia Air Solution – Telelink Case Solution

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Telelink Case Solution Team Dimas The Team Members – apetkov – desinik – rdimitrov – melania-berbatova – vrategov Github Repo: Workflow The main workflow happens over at our github page. You can read the latest version of this article here: ## Content 0. Data We were given the following 4 datasets: Air […]

Datathon Participants Guidelines

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Dear participants, we highly appreciate your participation in the Datathon as challengers and we are sure that your contribution will make for another great Datathon. During the event, your task would be to develop a data-based solution to a chosen case study. Before the event Register into the Datathon Platform Register in Datathon website at: […]

Datathon Host Guidelines

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Rules Background Specific rules for hosts Each local group has general guidelines from Data Science Society to manage the Datathon to fit their local situation and needs. There are few guidelines in place for the organizers and the participants; if you want your local Datathon to be part of the Global event, you are encouraged […]

Forecast the price of cryptocurrency

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Dear jury, We are students from Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski. As we are first year students and have not studied any programming languages we tried to forecasting the value of cryptocurrency with R. Unfortunately, while working with file  price_data1442.csv None of the functions we know, gave satisfying results […]